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Corn Cob Blasting and Cedar Care for Log Homes in Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois and Michigan
GLS is a company that specializes in restoring all types of anything!  We say that because with the equipment we have we are able to effectively remove finishes on fiberglass, thin metals, aluminum, plastics, stainless cookware, concrete, asphalt, boat hulls, wood, and so much more.  And unlike the others who opted for the less expensive equipment we can average our media usage at less than 50 pounds an hour!  

Unlike sandblasting, (abrasive blasting) we use medias that are non-abrasive, environmentally friendly and contain absolutely no silica.  Many of our products are actually used to fertilize lawns and gardens!  We believe its about time to begin helping out our environment anytime we can. Why use caustic chemicals, when dry non-abrasives can be used?

Our mobility allows us to save you time and money! No more sending out parts for blasting, call us, we come to you, blast, and in many cases hours later that antique rust bucket sitting in the backyard is ready for paint.  We can be carefully removing paint off a collectors corvette in the morning and then see us on the highway in the afternoon performing line removal.  We might even be stopping by one of our local businesses before we go home for some graffiti clean up.

This day and age, blasting services such as GLS provides, should be the only option in restoration services.  
  • Over 20 years experience in restoration
  • Providing customers with quality time saving restorations!
  • No damage to the substrate or the environment!
  • Contact us for services needed in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois
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