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Corn Cob Blasting


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Corn Cob blasting, Corn Cob blasting is easily the the best method used today for stripping  Log Homes of their current finishes                                                                                            

GLS is one of the only businesses in northwest Wisconsin that have the equipment necessary to blast Sodium Bicarbonate and Corn Cob efficiently and effectively.  With the ability to travel to Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois. We bring our business to you!


GTO Screensaver!
Soda uses large quantities of high pressure air to deliver its unique cutting action. Typical pressures range as low as 30 psi or as high as 150.

  • No damage to substrate means your vehicle is left in the perfect condition it was originally.
  • Can be used for Graffiti removal, FDA approved for commercial kitchen cleaning, paint removal, engine parts, brick and concrete, Anilox rolls, Boats, Fiberglass, Fire restoration and much much more!

  • Corn Cob blasting is really the only method being recommended by the log home industry now.  The gentle effect of corn cob (about a 4 on the Mohs scale) on the logs is minimal, if any! Yet able to remove years of tough finishes and build up!
  • GLS. Works closely with our favorite log home manufacturers to promote the benefits of cob blasting on new homes as well.  This opens the pores of the wood allowing the oil based finishes that are recommended, to penetrate much more effectively.
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Watch a video now on blasting a semi-trailer

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